Stumbled across this last vestige of summertime color yesterday while wandering past the forest border. Nature in New England is going through the full metamorphosis of autumn, with leaves changing color and covering the ground, temperatures plunging, and plants and critters of all kinds closing up shop for the year. It's an amazing shift to watch happen. One day the outdoors is a burst of color and life, and in a matter of weeks everything once vibrant is settling into hibernation. A mysterious and magical happening called... seasons.

autumn returns


The change of seasons from balmy summer to crisp autumn has inspired a flurry of creative inspiration... As well as a return to blogging. This dear blog has been neglected for some time, and I grimaced a bit looking at the far gone date of my last entry - ugh, not one post all summer! 

Life gets busy, and this little portal to the world wide web swiftly falls down the list of daily priorities. The "tyranny of the urgent takes over," and boy has there been a lot of that since my last post in May! A busy summer of ups and downs, new beginnings and renewed capacity for the familiar, twists and turns, and the occasional moment of complete zen. But such is life. And in hindsight, reflecting on the summer and early fall, I'm grateful for each and every high and low, as lessons learned and wisdom gained is a firm foundation for future days.

thistle minis

Fresh off the sewing machine balsam-filled sachets for Thistle. . . Find these packaged sets of three lovely spring-hued pillows over in the shop. . .

etsy love

heirloom seed packet wedding favors via TheLittleRagamuffin

spring bird necklace via kylieparry

vintage gardening book via grasshoppercafe

miniature nest with three swallows wall art via plad

newness has arrived

Spring has "sprung" at Hamilton House (via some recent Instagram snapshots). . .

in the viewfinder

photo via Pinterest
With a new season's arrival comes a fresh interest in capturing the subtlety and brilliance of nature's aesthetic shift. My camera is ready for an inspired workout. . . The storyboard for a new "nature" video is in the works, brainstorming on the sights to capture through my camera lens and the soundtrack to accompany the visuals. So excited to create a little piece of springtime nostalgia in the coming weeks. . .

photo journal

My latest simple pleasure pastime, Instagram. Oh, the endless random photo possibilities. . . Such fun chronicling the little bits and pieces of the day, moments that I notice and treasure. Check out my latest "grams" by looking up thistlehandmade and tapping the follow button. . .

colorful eggs

photos via Pinterest

Painted Easter eggs make me smile. . . Such lovely, little holiday decor covered in pretty patterns and colors. . .

Something else that makes me smile just now. . . Spring's arrival! It never fails to come each year, but somehow this year it's felt like winter was never gonna back it's bags and journey away. The weather this weekend was picture perfect for the first spring holiday. Blue sky, warm breeze, buds forming on the trees, and nearly every patch of snow melted. . . Nature is waking up after a long hibernation. So happy and so blessed that springtime loveliness is here!

Has spring arrived in your neck-of-the-woods?